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PortAventura theme park proudly opened the 'record setting mountain climbing' themed roller coaster in spring 2012, featuring a series of camel back hills, pitch-black tunnels and lakes - an adventure not to be missed!

Shambhala: Expedition to the Himalayas

New at PortAventura Theme Park: Shambhala!

Europe’s highest roller coaster Shambala opened in 2012 and will blow your mind! It literally will take you to great heights, terrifying descents, and journey through dark tunnels and mountain lakes. A new ride that allows you to experience many sensations and spectacular surroundings.


Shambhala Photos

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Get a front row seat and experience Shambhala!

Shambhala - PortAventura TV Advert


This 25 million Euro project is PortAventura's largest investment in a ride

On 21st October 2011,  PortAventura laid the first stone for the construction of the new roller coaster, 'Shambhala' - the tallest in Europe. The new ride reaches 76 metres at its highest point, and PortAventura have set a new challenge for visitors, who can experience the same excitement as the great mountaineers. The structure has changed the park skyline by creating a new "mountain range" visible for miles around.

A Unique Adventure

The new ride is a roller coaster belonging to the group known as "hypercoasters", typically characterised by their immense size and height, as well as a long track without loops and the capacity to reach impressive speeds. This allows the most intrepid visitor to enjoy a true adventure jam-packed with dramatic sensations.

The ride proposes a challenge to emulate history's most unforgettable expeditions. It has all the ingredients of a fantastic and memorable adventure: scaling the highest summits, descending into abseil chasms and journeying through dark tunnels and mountain lakes, all on a ride featuring an outline reminiscent of a real mountain range.

The great mountaineers are often asked why they feel such passion for climbing and generally are unable to provide a logical answer. This is the experience the new ride will bring. Each person takes on a personal challenge to be defeated in their own manner. According to the great mountaineers, conquering a summit is the closest one can get to mental and physical ecstasy, in short: an almost mythical experience. This mix of ingredients perfectly summarises the experience awaiting the adventurers that try it.

Unlike other speed attractions within the park, Shambhala offers a veritable catalogue of emotions as well as spectacular views of their surroundings.

The highest point of the new ride reaches 76 metres, rising up in a svelte and majestic steel formation that has completely changed the park's skyline, previously characterised by Dragon Khan, a symbol of the park since its opening. In fact, PortAventura's new "mountain range" is visible for miles around.

What's more, the ride also sets three new European records!

1. It is the tallest roller coaster on the continent.

2. It has the longest drop of 78 meters.

3. It is the fastest hypercoaster in Europe reaching 134 km/h on the first descent. The speed will vary along the rest of the journey as, just like Dragon Khan, the complete trajectory is dependent upon the inertia from that first drop down.

Apart from its incredible height and speed, PortAventura’s new ride consists of various other elements to provide visitors with an action-packed experience. Highlights include the tunnel situated at the bottom of the spectacular first descent that, due to its vertical nature, generates the sensation of cutting neck – an optical effect that from above creates the impression that the tunnel entrance is too narrow for the train to pass through.

Also worthy of note are 5 camelbacks (elevations in the track), the shortest of which is as high as a 7-storey building. On each of these camelbacks creates an effect known as air time, losing contact with the seat, just like a car hitting a bump in the road but far more intense!

PortAventura has invested 25 million Euros in the new ride, the result of collaboration between PortAventura and the firm Bollinger and Mabillard, who also designed Dragon Khan, the symbolic attraction of PortAventura and a favourite with visitors since its opening in 1995.

Shambhala Construction

Discover how Shambhala was built, the new ride that PortAventura launched in 2012. In this video you will find out the extraordinary capabilities and intensive work is required to build the highest ride in Europe.

Joining the pieces together

In this picture you can see in details the joining of different pieces that form Shambhala’s pillars. For the left column, of 36 inches, 24 screws and for the right column, of 42 inches, 28 screws will be needed to fix it.



Shambhala view from China PortAventura

In this picture you can see how the new attraction was constructed to occupy an important place in the PortAventura’s skyline. You can appreciate its imposing presence alongside the legendary Dragon Khan of the theme park.



Here comes the last piece of the top of Shambhala

The placement of the final piece of the top of the new attraction needed the work of two cranes. The last piece of the top of Shambhala measures 10 meters and was moved by a crane weighing 500 tonnes, while the auxiliary crane held up the last section of the rise. This process was completed after a full day of moving and fitting different parts.



The Splash of Shambhala

In the photo you can see how Shambhala's lake construction. Just like in all the intrepid trips to the mountains, there are lakes and dark tunnels to cross … In the expedition to the heights with Shambhala you live through the crossing voyage over this fabulous lake.



The Speed Hill of Shambhala

Experience different sensations during your adventure on Shambhala, This is Speed Hill, the most rapid part of the ride, where you experience the maximum speed of Shambhala, flying almost at ground level. 



The spectacular Shambhala

Look how the Shambhala structure of the new roller coaster is intersected with the structure of the legendary Dragon Khan, and its meters high making the Shambhala the highest roller coaster in Europe.



The first test of Shambhala

This video shows the first test runs being carried out running Shambhala's full course, are you ready to experience the new roller coaster Shambhala at PortAventura? - Watch here



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